Craftsmanship on the table

We present two impeccable tables, set by the ancient Stamperia Bertozzi of Gambettola, Forlì Cesena and by Busatti of Arezzo.
Two significant realities in high textile craftsmanship.
The environment will be perfumed by the fragrances of Villari and Solagna.
The ancient Stamperia Bertozzi has been making hand prints since 1920. Today their expert craftsmanship meets design, in a perfect combination of Romagna tradition and contemporary fashion.

Since 1842 the Busatti family has been weaving in Anghiari. Tuscan weavers who respect craftsmanship in a tradition that is renewed with every generation.



Opening times

11-12 > 9.00 -18.00
13 > 9.00 - 16.00

Free admission

Reserved for economic operators


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