Safe Fair

Firenze Home Texstyle is also ready to adhere to Safe Firenze Fiera, the new protocol drawn up by Firenze Fiera for a safe resumption of congresses, exhibitions and events inside the congress and exhibition center.
All the exhibition's premises, the participation modalities and services have been reviewed in line with the current national and regional regulations to ensure the complete safety of all exhibitors, visitors, and employees at every stage of the event.


Rules to access the exhibition

"Green Pass" check

Body temperature measurement through thermal scanners. Access will not be allowed in case of a temperature higher than 37.5°C

Supplying face masks for those who do not have them

Face masks required upon access

Monitoring and verifying interpersonal distance to avoid gatherings

1.1 Access to premises during set-up and dismantle phases and during the event
In accordance with the relevant applicable laws and regulations, access to Firenze Fiera's exhibition center is conditional on the implementation of temperature checks looking for possible signs of fever (a body temperature higher than 37.5°C) also through remote fever screening systems. If the temperature exceeds 37.5°C, access will be denied.

Access to the indoor premises is allowed only with a face mask (if you do not have one, you can ask for it at the front desk). Please note that masks must be worn at all times inside the exhibition center.

A medical service ensuring professional health care staff and a rapid response in the event of any suspected cases is provided, as well as a "quarantine" area divided into compartments to handle any possible symptomatic person.

To access and carry out operations inside the center, everyone is required to wear adequate PPE (masks for protection against biological risk derived from COVID-19) and make sure that an interpersonal distance of at least one metre is maintained at all times. If the situation demands it, the minimum interpersonal distance can be extended to 1.8 metres.

With regards to the access, movement, and exit of third-party suppliers, a set of procedures including fixed routes and time slots has been defined to minimise interactions between invidivuals.


Event safety and prevention services



Sanitization of the environments



Booth design and management


Catering Services

Inside the exhibition center - In co-operation with Gerist Ricevimenti



Services in the city