Let the Protagonists Speak: Elena Randi, Director of Tessitura Randi

Let the Protagonists of Firenze Home Texstyle Speak



Located in Busto Arsizio, Tessitura Randi has been a constant reference in the Made in Italy home textile industry for over 80 years. Tradition, innovation and creativity are the musts of this young and motivated team. By drawing their inspiration from the industrial history of the company, from time to time they create new “ideas” for the future, giving life to new fabrics, colours, prints and models. Tessitura Randi passes down the secrets of warp and weft from generation to generation to perpetuate the quality of traditional weaving.

“Ours is a family run business founded back in 1931 – says Elena Randi, the company director. We have always been involved in quality research and innovation. Together with my sister Maria Pia Randi, who is the company creative director, we offer authentic “WORLDS” for each collection, within which we develop and implement products which perfectly match each other”.

Why did you decide to participate in Firenze Home Texstyle?
“Fairs are always a test case to realise whether we are going in the right direction or not, and they are an opportunity to meet our clients and get in touch with new ones. The Fortezza da Basso features monumental premises and modern pavilions and it is strategically located in the heart of one of the most beautiful Italian cities. We believe it is the ideal location in central Italy to organise a niche fair, just like Pitti Casa once was and like Firenze Home Texstyle is today – a fair dedicated to the latest news and trends in home textiles”. 

What is your main reference market?
“Our main reference is the Italian market, more specifically the medium-high and luxury segments, although we also receive orders from various foreign countries”. 

What are you bringing to the Fair?
“Our latest collections – bed linen, duvets, bedspreads, duvet covers made with various materials to satisfy all needs and tastes, along with tablecloths and other table accessories.
“The big news – concludes Elena Randi – will be the collections of the prestigious Borbonese brand. We have acquired their licence in the last two years. This brand is considered the Ferrari of textile industry, and it gave us fresh impetus in terms of new planning and proposals. The Borbonese coordinated household linen collections are the result of a vanishing tradition and quality craftsmanship, and they stand out for their sophisticated elegance, their modern practical sensitivity and the use of precious materials such as satin, lace and unique and exclusive designs”.