The Firenze Home TexStyle is the event dedicated to home and nautical textiles

The Firenze Home TexStyle is the event dedicated to home and nautical textiles

Firenze Home TexStyle is the name of the new event entirely dedicated to the textile sector in all its sectors: from linen to tablecloths, from curtains to carpets to get to the boating industry.

The event, organized by Firenze Fiera in collaboration with the company Acropoli di Bologna, will take place from 2 to 4 February 2019 at Fortezza da Basso simultaneously with the 12th edition of Immagine Italia & Co.

In Florence Home TexStyle is reserved the Cavaniglia Pavilion: on an area of ​​3,300 mqle exhibiting companies will present the mood of the moment, the new styles and the latest trends associated with new and original combinations for an audience of buyers, professionals and sector operators more and more demanding new proposals and creative suggestions.

Firenze Home TexStyle is born to fill a piece that has remained empty in the Italian trade fair scene since 2014. The event, therefore, aims to meet the needs of the Italian and foreign market, showing in all its vitality and breadth of expressions the talent and craftsmanship of the companies Italian companies. With Made in Italy, the Italian product is perceived not only as a product of excellence and quality but also as a symbol of a set of traditional values ​​without equal in the rest of the world.

Carlo Amadori, sole director of Acropoli, partner of Firenze Fiera in the design and marketing of the event explains the birth of the event: «After having designed 78 events in Italy, from Abitare il Tempo and Tesori dal Tempo di Verona to the art fair of Restoration in Ferrara, up to AbitaMi, in September 2011 in conjunction with Macef and again for Fiera Milano, having collaborated with HOMI, I realized that there was a lack of industry for the textile industry. The presence of Immagine Italia in this panorama, from now 13 years, has meant that, together with Firenze Fiera, we would return to focus on a single textile fair, expanding the underwear / underwear theme to include the sectors: linen, tablecloths, curtains, teggitende, carpets, textile publishing and boating. This is how Florence Home TexStyle was born: the new big event on home textiles that I hope will become the reference point for companies, exhibitors and buyers for the textile world ».

by Nunzia Capriglione in IntimoRetail